Package com.livinglogic.struts.workflow

Interface Summary
Authentication Interface that must be implemented by classes which provide authentication checks, that are used in the action mapping's property "authClass".
WorkflowCleanup Defines a command pattern which will be executed at the time of workflow termination.
WorkflowRequestProcessorLogicAdapter Defines all the methods a RequestProcessor subclass must define, so it can be used in instances of WorkflowRequestProcessorLogic

Class Summary
AddSessionAttributeCleanupAction Action class that adds a cleanup object to the primary workflow that removes the session scope attribute whose name is specified via the action mapping's parameter.
AddSessionAttributeCleanupAction.Cleanup The cleanup object,this action adds to the primary workflow
ForwardNextStateViolationAction This action forwards to the action that caused a nextState violation during this request (if any).
TilesWorkflowRequestProcessor The workflow request processor that must be used, if the workflow extension is to be used together with the tiles plugin.
Workflow Class that represents and stores information about a labeled workflow.
WorkflowContainer Class that provides access by label to Workflow objects stored in a user's session.
WorkflowMapping Implementation of enhanced ActionMapping.
WorkflowMapping.WorkflowData Class that holds mapping data for a labeled workflow
WorkflowRequestProcessor The workflow request processor through which any action request is run in order to get the chance to do the workflow state checks.
WorkflowRequestProcessorLogic This class implements the workflow request processor logic.
WorkflowUtils Class that provides utilities for the workflow extension.

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